“We hold these truths to be self-evident,” wrote Thomas Jefferson in our Declaration of Independence, “that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, and that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness…”


Life is truly a gift from God and it is the most fundamental of all human rights.


Life begins at fertilization. I have sponsored legislation to confer constitutional protection upon unborn babies and to protect life until natural death. 

I also sponsored a Human Life Amendment to our Constitution. Very simply, we must protect life at all stages.


I am a member of the National Rifle Association, Gun Owners of America, National Association for Gun Rights, and Georgia Carry. I am a hunter. I have a Georgia Weapons Carry License, and I'm a staunch defender of the Second Amendment.


You can be assured then, that as a member of Congress I am vigilant in defending the right to keep and bear arms because it is foundational to all other Constitutional rights and to our American liberty. Human rights do not derive, as many erroneously believe, from government. Rather, our rights are conferred upon us by God. It's the responsibility of government to acknowledge those rights and protect them.

The Founders adopted the Second Amendment, so that the American people would have the means to defend themselves from government should it become a threat to liberty.


You can count on me to stand steadfastly resolute concerning the right to keep and bear arms.


Here's what I believe:


We should welcome all who legally enter our nation. Our tradition is that we are a nation of immigrants, but we must not allow the pressure of illegal immigrants and their political supporters to subvert the rule of law. We must secure our borders and do so now. We must protect American sovereignty from any movement to merge us into a North American Union.


We should not provide economic benefits to illegal aliens. We should deport illegal aliens who commit felonies. We should withhold federal funds from any city or state that declares itself a sanctuary for illegal aliens. We should fine businesses that knowingly hire illegal aliens.

If there are no jobs - they will self deport. We should end birthright citizenship for babies born illegally in the United States. As your congressman, I have worked hard to provide the necessary leadership to address the problem of illegal aliens and to oppose amnesty to those who illegally enter our nation.


I support the building of a wall along our southern border.


I will not raise your taxes.


Americans are already overtaxed, and we need tax relief. What we really need is a tax system that doesn’t tax productivity but encourages it! We need to scrap the convoluted tax code that even the IRS itself cannot answer citizens’ questions about. The current system of federal income taxes is an outrage.


In place of the current system, we need to adopt the Fair Tax, of which I am an original co-sponsor. Doing so will bring an economic boom without historical precedent. I do not support a sales tax on top of the current IRS system of income taxes.

Without economic liberty, there is no real political liberty. We must restore economic liberty to American businesses and individual Americans so that we can remain free and renew our prosperity.


Obamacare has caused millions of Americans to lose their health insurance and has forced millions more to pay higher premiums. Obamacare is a violation of liberty and I am honored to have voted for its repeal.


We now need to fix the legitimate problems that exist in our healthcare system. We can accomplish meaningful reform through patient-centered, consumer-based, free market solutions. Health insurance choices must belong to the individual. Healthcare decisions must be controlled by patients and their doctors - not by insurance companies or government bureaucrats.


We Americans are blessed with a rich spiritual heritage. Our culture is imbued with Judeo-Christian values. Today our Judeo-Christian heritage and our prevailing value system are under relentless attack.

The ACLU and its lawsuit mentality exemplifies the determination of militant atheists and radical secularists to re-make the United States into their own image – Godless and faithless. Their mission is to purge every vestige of our Judeo-Christian heritage from public life. They intend to remove “In God We Trust” from our coins and currency. They want to take “One Nation, Under God” out of the Pledge of Allegiance.

The truth is that these folks are the most intolerant force in our society today. They want to silence people of faith.

As your congressman, I will continue to do everything within my power to make sure that government coercion is not used to impose a secular orthodoxy upon the American people and American institutions.



       Jody was born in Atlanta and grew up in Tucker where he ran track and played football at Tucker High School. Jody graduated from Asbury College. He earned his master’s degree from Southwestern Seminary and his doctorate in ministry from Luther Rice Seminary. For nearly 25 years he served churches in Barrow, Gwinnett, Taylor, and Walton counties. He has also served as a professor at Luther Rice Seminary.


          In 2003 Jody was thrust into the public arena when the ACLU sued the Barrow County Board of Commissioners to force the removal of a Ten Commandments display from the courthouse. Viewing this as an attack upon the freedom of religious expression and upon the cultural and spiritual heritage of our nation, Jody founded Ten Commandments – Georgia, Inc. to assist in supporting the county’s legal defense. Shortly thereafter, Jody established Let Freedom Ring (now The Culture and Values Network) to defend constitutional liberty.


        In September 2008 – and in years since Dr. Hice joined with thirty-two other pastors across the nation in challenging an IRS code that he considers an attack upon religious liberty. The IRS threatened churches with loss of tax-exempt status and with criminal sanctions if political issues were addressed from the pulpit. Hice took his bold stand by formally endorsing a candidate in a Sunday message and sending a copy of it to the IRS. The IRS backed down.


        As a pastor, Dr. Jody Hice was a leader of the annual Pulpit Freedom Sunday movement sponsored by the Alliance Defending Freedom. This yearly event challenges the “Johnson Amendment” to the IRS tax code which censors what pastors can and cannot say from the pulpit. Just last year over 1,600 pastors nationwide participated in Pulpit Freedom Sunday. As a congressman, Jody introduced legislation to abolish the “Johnson Amendment.” Through his leadership in this battle with the IRS, Dr. Hice has shown himself to be a proven fighter for our constitutional rights and protector of our freedom of speech.


      Jody is a member of the NRA, Gun Owners of America, Georgia Sports Shooting Association, Georgia Gun Owners, and Georgia Carry. He is an ardent advocate of the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.


      Jody and Dee Dee Hice were married in 1983 and raised their two daughters in Walton County. Jody and Dee Dee now reside in Greensboro, Georgia and love spending time with their four grandchildren.

     In 2014 Jody Hice was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives to serve Georgia’s 10th congressional district. His focus in Washington is repealing Obamacare, securing our borders, rebuilding our military to keep Americans safe, and overhauling our nation’s tax code.








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